The Grand Canal at sunrise in Venice Taken by Trevor Sherwin

London Chrome Project


I love landscape and cityscape photography. I can head out with my larger camera, tripod and once I have found the composition I want to capture, I will set up the tripod, camera, filters etc and after all that is done, I will wait for the light and conditions to help me create the epic photo I set out to capture. The process is usually calm, controlled and deliberate. The only problem here was that at times, I felt a little restricted in my approach and subjects I was capturing so I decided to start a project to capture the sights of London without the restrictions of a tripod and to combine this with a particular editing style I was experimenting with in post production stage. The project needed a name, so I chose The London Chrome Project. The outline of the projects is pretty simple:

  1. Subject: The streets, architecture and cityscapes of London.

  2. No tripod! Handheld photos only.

  3. All images processed using my City Chrome style.

  4. There is no fixed timeline but the project should have a start and an end.

  5. At the end of the project, I must find a way to make physical prints of my favourite images such as some kind of wall art or photobook.



London Chrome Collection

My Chrome editing style was inspired by Fujifilm’s Classic Chrome. I could have used this style right out of the box but as I enjoy the post processing side of photography and wanted to edit the RAW images myself. City Chrome is a slightly desaturated, contrasty style but as the project has progressed, I am adjusting and improving the technique to cater for the differing light London has to offer, from harsh summer sun to soft grey days.

Below are an ever changing top 12 images from the collection to date. As I take new images, I may from time to time update this collection with a new favourite or two. When the project is finished, this collection will represent my final favourite 12 shots from the project.



Latest London Chrome Post and Articles


The London Chrome Project



Introducing the London Chrome Project

This was my first article I wrote in June 2018 which introduced the project and explained in more detail why I decided to start and what I wanted to achieve along the way.


Latest London Chrome Articles

Below are my latest articles covering all aspects of my London Chrome journey and a selection of photos taken.


London Chrome on Instagram


I decided to use Instagram to showcase all of the images I take while out and about with my camera in London. Below are the latest photos in the series. If you would like to see the entire Instagram collection, pop over to my feed at



the finishing touch

To give myself some sort of target, I’m aiming to release 500 London Chrome photos on instagram. I take many more but only publish those I like the most and importantly suit the style of the project. When the time comes to mark this project as complete, I will be creating some prints of my favourite images and I may even create a book such as my top 100 London Chrome images. We’ll have to see I guess.