Climbing The Stairs | Weekly Photo #4

I chose this photo for a couple of reasons. Firstly, and simply put, I really like it! More on that further below but the second reason I chose this photo as it represents a significant change in my photography style. You see, up until recently, I would go to any length to avoid people in my photos. I considered myself a cityscape/architectural photographer and I didn’t need people in my photos. In those photos, people added disorder and unpredictability to a composition I wanted to keep simple and focused on the cityscape I am capturing.

More recently however, I have started to appreciate what a human figure can bring to the final photo. It can add a sense of scale, enhance the story or illustrate a special moment, frozen in a frame for all time. I still don’t necessarily like to include people in my wider cityscape photos for the reasons mentioned above but for more, close up street-type images I’m beginning to see the benefit of including them. With this new found appreciation, I recently put together a page in my London Gallery that shows some of my images that include people amongst the iconic London streets and architecture which can be found here.

Climbing The Stairs | Fujifilm XT2 | XF10-24mm | 10mm | 1/480th second | f/4 | ISO200

Climbing The Stairs | Fujifilm XT2 | XF10-24mm | 10mm | 1/480th second | f/4 | ISO200


The photo was taken with my Fujifilm XT2 and wide angle 10-24mm lens. I think the composition only works at 10mm as the wider focal length allowed me to include these fantastic lead in lines and foreground interest created by the stairs, brickwork and railings. I also like the way the areas in shadow create a frame around the chap walking up the stairs, again, adding to a stronger composition.

This post is featured in my Weekly Photo series where I post a new photo every Sunday.