Sunrise in London | Weekly Photo #1

Introducing My Weekly Photo Series

This is my first post in a new weekly photo series. It came about as I had been contemplating for some time about how I want to share my photos, both on my website and social media going forward. These days, probably since Instagram gained popularity, photography seems to be all about quantity, with quality often taking a back seat. I know this is the reality of now but I don’t want my photography to be dictated by how many images I can post in a day. I want to use these platforms to share my best photos, discuss the techniques I used, share information and engage with like minded people. I’m not saying that I don’t care if my photos gain recognition. Of course I do. Most artists, whatever their field, love to see their work being viewed by others, but I want the photography and story telling to be my priority.

I still plan to share a couple of longer articles each month but with a weekly photo series, I can focus on 52 of my favourite photos each year. Kind of like a 52-week challenge but with a mix of new and favourite pictures from my archive with a paragraph or two to accompany the image.

With the introduction done, let’s get to my first photo in the series.

Sunrise in London

Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast at sunrise | Fujifilm X-T10 | XF35mmF2 | 35mm | 1/20,000 second | f/2 | ISO200

Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast at sunrise | Fujifilm X-T10 | XF35mmF2 | 35mm | 1/20,000 second | f/2 | ISO200

These are the photos that make getting up early and travelling, bleary eyed into London worth it. This is one of my favourite photos I took in 2018 of, in my opinion one of the best views in London so what better photo to start my new Weekly Photo series with.

This was the very first photo I took while out on a photo walk in London last September. Every time I leave from the train station and cross London Bridge from the south, I love the way this famous scene, which I have captured many times slowly appears to my right.

This isn’t a very original composition, so why do I like this photo so much? Well, apart from it being an iconic view of London, readers of my blog will know how I love to capture a bit of tranquility in London’s cityscape and I certainly get that feeling in this photo. The cooler, hazy light is contrasted nicely with the strong highlights from the rising sun hitting the scene side-on which also provides a sense of depth in the image.

I captured this photo with my now, retired Fujifilm X-T10 and XF35mmF2 lens. Although I have since upgraded the X-T10 to the X-T30, this combination features in my ultra light-weight kit as mentioned in this “What’s in my camera bag 2019”.

This post is featured in my Weekly Photo series where I post a new photo every Sunday.